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Who Will Win the 2012 Presidential Election?

NOTE: If you saw our recent article in VentureBeat, it references the election markets in our real money site. This page displays activity for game players only.

MEDIA PREDICT IS NORMALLY for media. But we thought we’d let you weigh in on the 2012 election as well.

First things first: remember the question isn’t who you will vote for – it’s who you think will actually win! Place your bets and have fun with this special topic.

That being said, we won't hazard a guess as to who will actually win (and we don't want to set off a flame war among our beloved constituents; the comments are off for a reason). Polls show a dead heat. And while Romney seems to be riding high off of the continued controversy over health care, Obama must be holding his own as the economy and jobs optimism are gradually ticking up. Place your bets and have fun as we count down to November.