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Oscars: Will Gary Oldman Win Best Actor?

The big storyline for the Best Actor race is, of course, Brad v. George. As in, which one of the two longtime A-List buddies has a better shot at the big prize?

And they really do seem to be the two frontrunners. Gary Oldman was fine in “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” but the movie hasn’t had enough exposure – and the same could be said for Demian Bichir and “A Better Life.” Meanwhile “The Artist” has been a critical darling, but can Jean Dujardin really win for a role in which he doesn’t even speak?

So yeah, it’s down to Brad in “Moneyball” versus George in “The Descendants.” We’ll have plenty of other Brad v. George topics as the Oscars approach, but when it comes to the actual race, well, we think it’s clear: “The Descendants” rocked, and Academy voters will swoon for Clooney as he finally gets his time on the big awards stage.