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"Godzilla" Opening Box Office: How Much Will It Gross?

From IMDb: A giant radioactive monster called Godzilla appears to wreak destruction on mankind.

Make your prediction for this film's opening North American box office revenue. Typically we forecast the film's opening weekend, which is usually Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. See rules for how we handle films that don't fit this pattern.

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wintermagick: Posted April 24, 2014
Godzilla is always good. No matter what year.
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PrTblk: Posted May 2, 2014
I think the movie Godzilla 2014 will really keep you in suspense. It always have been a good picture to see. I agree, no matter what year. It gets better with time.
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hankey69: Posted May 4, 2014
Godzilla is worn out!!!
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canam: Posted May 15, 2014
Our little min pin puppy was watching this trailer with me and I turned to him and said well "what do you think" he said "Erf erf woof woof" and ran off now that's scary.....sooo here comes the sequels prequels and it isn't even summer yet......$$$ made lets just hope the old thing uh Godzilla has a stronger arm.......and I know he can throw a stronger ball lol........