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Cancellations: Will ABC Renew "Missing"?

ABC SAW A BIG PREMIERE out of the action-packed "Missing," snagging a strong 10.6M viewers in sleepy mid-March. Described by us as "Taken" with Ashley Judd, the idea wasn't exactly creative -- but it had action, lots of it, and struck a chord in a dull time of year. Of course, the real question is whether the show had staying power too, and that's where we're not 100% certain. Viewership dipped to the mid-7-million range, which seems fine to us, but the folks over at TVByTheNumbers seem confident that the show is toast -- and given all those orange fireballs and European setting, we can see how it would need big numbers to justify big expenses. So will it live? "Missing" has been an MP favorite, with many of our loyal users writing in to praise it, but, alas, our outlook is gloomy for a fun action series that, had it premiered in the fall, might have stayed with us a bit longer. 4/25/2012
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bluebay: Posted April 25, 2012
watched it first episodes good show
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canam: Posted May 7, 2012
I think this show will go "Missing" soon you can only "run" for so long eventually you have to be found or disappear or god forbid be found well not well----if you get the was exciting at first then I lost interest you can only chase someone for so long then it becomes a "cold case" unless you are found alive and then what???? Where does the script go???? Missing of course....