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The final value was $14.60 Million

How Much Will "Red Dawn" Gross in its First Five Days?

From IMDb: A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

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suzette49: Posted Oct. 24, 2012
The way the US is now we gonna have too protect ourselves, seems like cant noone else help, now days we all needs guns, Bazookas
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canam: Posted Oct. 25, 2012
Geez another remake have the screenwriters no more imagination---we film goers would like something new instead we get blow up shoot em up old crap I feel for the actors they seem to all be good hey they're actors and I wonder what the military would think of this film, wait I'll ask my nephew,Navy my brother,Navy my uncle Marines, my brother Army they were all military career men, just curious. Oh and I if I took my beautiful North Korean artistic friend to see this movie would we still be friends? Makes me wonder... Wolverines-- really have these screenwriters been watching too much of "Breaking Dawn 2" Timing is bad on this one too close to Christmas when the theme of this film is is full of guns and anger.....$$$$$ no however if the powers that be keep advertising maybe a few more $$$$ than what's predicted....this film should have been in the remakes and rehashes of this summer....
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leola65: Posted Nov. 10, 2012
This should be an August movie. It's not quite tentpole status for earlier summer months, and showing it now feels like the studio isn't confident or trying for counter programing of the holiday boxoffice. Word of mouth could help it, but not enough people saw the original so this needs to stand on it's own in an even bigger way. It may fall into the "wait for DVD or PPV" status with most families.
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tigress: Posted Nov. 19, 2012
I voted toward the negative on this one, because the buzz I am hearing is disappointment about the choice of Josh in this flick and also that there is just too many other hot choices at that time.
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leola65: Posted Nov. 23, 2012
I'm glad this will break $21M for the holiday. There isn't much for family, so I think if you couldn't get into Skyfall or Rise Of The Guardians, this was a fallback movie for date night. It's a good story, but still feel it should have been another time of year. The studio was trying for counter programming, but in my city in California, it's not in many theaters, and I think squished out by Twilight fans and Skyfall.