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The final value was $88.30 Million

How Much Will "Skyfall" Gross in its Opening Weekend?

From IMDb: Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her.

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canam: Posted Oct. 12, 2012
Bond, James Bond still thrill at that line when Bond is asked his name. Been a Bond fan forever however my favorite Bond is Roger Moore oh I know he couldn't act but will be remembered for his looks and charm as all the Bond men are, I think Daniel Craig is probably the next best Bond love the "special effects" (even if it is violent as are all the Bond films as all action movies are) and I am sure this will top 65mil or Miss M will come after me if it doesn't and I don't have a weapon that matches my hand print......
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tigress: Posted Oct. 23, 2012
This one should go big. The Bond movies always have and Craig seems to be doing a very hot job of carrying it on.